We are an independent club based in New Hampshire for people who are interested in BMW motorcycles.  We are not bound to any BMW dealer or any other commercial interest.  You don't have to own a Beemer or be a resident of New Hampshire to join, but expect to be surrounded by people who own and enjoy BMW motorcycles. 

We are sanctioned by the BMW Riders Association and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.  We encourage joining these organizations, but it is not a necessity.  Many of us are active in special interest and virtual BMW motorcycle clubs. 

Our members own new, old, classic (whatever that means), stock, customized and, occasionally, souped-up BMW's.  Absolute BMW purists are welcome, white lab coats and all.   Wherever you find BMWs, you generally find Moto Guzzi fanatics, Triumph die-hards, or crazed Ducatis rider and our club is no different .

For insurance reasons, we do not sponsor organized group rides.  However, we schedule weekend  breakfast or lunch gatherings and can spend the rest of the day on a ride.  When we ride together, it is at a relaxed to moderate pace ...  no one gets left behind. 

Our two main events are a mountain-top picnic in August and three-day, no-sweat rally in September with cabins (or you can tent it), meals prepared by the resort and a relaxed atmosphere.  During the rally, be prepared for impromptu rides through the notches or to the Maine seacoast.  As we are a small club, our September rally is by pre-registration only.

Basically we're a pretty laid back club, which makes for both interesting conversation and pleasant journeys.